If you drive anywhere in Alaska, this is the best book you can own. Not many signs here!

     If you move to Alaska, one of the hardest things to do is to find out where everything is. There are very few signs or other markers to tell you what is down the next dirt road you come across. Often you will be disturbing a private residence or property if you just start rolling into peoples' driveway. At the same time, the dirt road might be only a stone's throw from where you live and have the most awesome spot for Arctic Grayling or Dolly Varden fishing, or a place where you can fill your container full of blueberries in a matter of minutes...

     The Milepost book is absolutely the best resource for finding out where you can go, and what will be there. Just the money it saves you on wasted gasoline and precious time makes it well worth the purchase price, and why we have no beefs with highly recommending it if you will be traveling in The Last Frontier.


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