Does the world seem crazy? It’s really not…

Living in a remote cabin creates an atmosphere ripe for meditation and contemplation, and this leads to insights which are practically impossible to experience if the noise of modern society is constantly at work keeping our inner sight locked away from our own perception.

If you are bothered by the world, or if your mind seems to be in turmoil for any reason, you can take a simple action to begin the process of freeing yourself and unlocking your true self and true potential. Once you begin to connect with your inner self and get to know it, it becomes easier to "ground" yourself and be at peace, even amid turmoil and whatever else life might appear to be "sending" your way. In reality, whatever we are experiencing in our mind has been sent there by ourselves, in most cases unknowingly.

The answer? Breathe! Just try it. Sit down or lay down somewhere and slowly breath in slowly and as deeply as you can without forcing it too much...and without any significant pause, just breathe back out slowly, trying to exhale as much as you can without pushing hard..just pushing a little....And then do it again, as many times as necessary until you feel calm. If you are able to achieve this state, you will be listening to your inner self, and only here can you experience the true reality of your existence and begin taking charge of what happens in your life. It can and will improve your life IF you are ready for it to improve.

Achieving a state of self awareness is a big step, but one that can bring peace to you in this world where most people are stuck on and affected by the chaotic news of the day, and the silliness of a society that seems focused on the most absurd of issues.

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