Welcome to AK Cabin Fever – Promoting rural Alaskans, the subsistence lifestyle and the environment.

In 2015 we left the rat race and most of our possessions behind to reach for a dream in Tonsina, Alaska.

What we found was exactly that, and so much more.  We now live a low impact, semi-subsistence lifestyle and try to earn enough to pay our small bills by sharing our journey online. We love the environment, the incredible state of Alaska and this country with a passion we want to share with you.

This new website will soon support our blog, videos and newsletter all with the intent of showing you the REAL Alaska!  No Photoshop (we don’t own it), no deception of any kind…simple honesty and hearts overflowing to help our fellow human beings, no matter where they live.  We especially hope we can use this site to help other rural Alaskans also earn a little money the way we will, in this land where even a hundred dollars per month can make survival a whole lot easier.

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Best Regards,
Mr. Michel White and…The AkCabinFever.com Team!

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Caring for an injured moose

Helping an injured moose last winter in Tonsina, Alaska

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